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Intrepid fall shoot -3733_edited.jpg

(from left to right) Brian Calisto, Jon Fohl,

Donny Frauenhofer, Zak Beutel,

Founded on friendship, fun, and a sense of freedom, Intrepid Travelers is a musical quartet from Buffalo, NY that defines itself through boundless improvisation and eclectic evolution. Treating each live show as a journey with the audience rather than a performance, Intrepid Travelers pride themselves on a form of focused, collective expression that showcases a medium where cerebral musicianship meets heartfelt, soulful songwriting.

Since 2015, “IT” has been busy both in the studio and out, with the release of second EP “Flash Drive in a Bottle”, as well as a live, in-studio video of the track “Conquistadors”, embarking on multiple national tours, and the inauguration of its first ever family-run festival, “IT Fest”, all on its resume. With the completion of only their third year, Intrepid Travelers continue to bring people together with honest improvisation that travels, yet always grooves.

"Improvisation does indeed play a role in Intrepid Travelers' sound, but so to do strong, sturdy and well-conceived songwriting, something in ample evidence on the "Rainbow Monkey?" EP"

- Jeff Miers - The Buffalo News


"'Intrepid' describes them well: they are fearless and resolute and own their musical style, which is melodious and placid, while improvisational rhythm, solid riffs, keys, and jamming keep it elevated. Fun, fantastical lyrics complete the feel of their live performance, demonstrative of their crafting abilities. I look forward to further exploration of Intrepid Travelers."

- Mary Mistretta - UpstateLIVE

"It’s a sort of potpourri of jam-oriented funk with elements of bluegrass, jazz, pop and even post-rock at times. The true magic of this band lies in the fact that they all have each other’s best interest at heart musically."

- Shauna Presto - buffaBLOG


"Intrepid Travelers pride themselves on a form of collective expression of upbeat, groovy jams with roots in funk, jazz, classic rock and a hint of bluegrass."
- The Vail Daily


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